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Protect & Improve The Overall Health, Safety & Wellbeing Of Your Employees

Habitus Health is your complete employee health & safety solution enabling you to reach dispersed teams in any part of the globe. We do more than just ergonomic risk assessments, we educate your employees on how to work risk free with e-learning modules, reducing discomfort during and outside working hours. We provide your teams with a collaborative, informative dashboard satisfying ISO 45001 audit reporting requirements.

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Virtual Ergonomic Risk Assessments

Carried Out in Just 3 Minutes

  • Unlimited VERA’s, from any location
  • Easy to follow recommendations
  • Keeping In-office, hybrid and remote teams risk free
Virtual Ergonomic Risk Assessments


Identify, Assess, Mitigate and Manage Risk

  • End-to-end case management
  • Real-time DSE/VDU compliance data
  • Reduce time, cost and tedious admin tasks
  • ISO 45001 reporting at the click of a button
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Put a Personal Physio at Every Desk

  • Clinician led stretching and exercise programmes
  • Expert led e-learning modules for overall wellbeing

Health Centre

A Healthier, More Productive Workforce

  • Instant reporting for discomfort
  • Reduce absenteeism, improve productivity
  • Reduce health care cost associated with MSDs
  • Data driven insights for injury prevention
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EHS Teams

24/7 Always On

Know that your employees' wellbeing is always prioritised year round.

Real Time Data

Easily identify, assess and mitigate emerging ergonomic risks before they escalate into larger issues.

End to End Case Management

Easily manage and evidence employees cases from start to finish.


Streamline audits and access the data necessary for optimal performance.

EHS Teams


Mitigate Costly Risks

Save money due to reduced absenteeism, healthcare costs and claims.

Document Trail

Access to full evidence based data for compliance audits.

ISO 45001 Reporting

Satisfy ISO 45001 audit reporting requirements at the touch of a button.


Year Round Protection

Work comfortably and risk-free year-round with Habitus Health's protection.

Privacy Guaranteed

No Pictures or videos are captured or saved when using the application.

E-learning Modules

Learn best practices through expert-led bitesize learning modules for overall well-being.

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Join the future of workplace health & safety with Habitus Health.

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