Ed Harnett
Co-Founder and CEO
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Ed is a Chartered Physiotherapist who worked and managed his own private practice. With 22 years’ experience in the field of ergonomics and workplace injury and illness.

Breffni Allen
Co-Founder and CTO
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With strong entrepreneurial skills reflected in her co-founding a number of start-ups, Breffni was also the Managing Director of Cregg Consulting, and CEO of Smart Compliance both delivering innovative solutions through Strategic Consulting to Multinational Pharmaceutical and Medical Device clients.

Pedro Oliveira
Head of Architecture and Engineering
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Pedro has over 25 years of experience on IT industry in Portugal, Italy, Denmark, Poland, Ireland, and UK. Holds an MS degree in Computer Engineering and an MBA. He has worked as a software engineer, manager, and architect for telecommunications, financial, insurance and logistics companies

Our Mission

Peak Health

Empowering sedentary employees to prevent the everyday pain and discomfort caused by sitting poorly for long periods.

Supporting desk-based workers to invest in their future wellbeing and optimising workplace health to ensure a more productive, engaged workforce.

Audit Ready

Enable companies to maintain a constant state of automated readiness to easily meet your legal requirement to conduct regular ergonomic assessments.

Identify, mitigate, and solve issues before they become a problem while eliminating the time, effort, and stress of audit preparation.

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