The work landscape will change, but employee health, safety and wellbeing remains.

Our goal is to help every company go beyond the benchmarked health, safety and wellbeing protocols. We are committed to providing you with the best evidence based technology solution, ensuring that each and every one of your employees have access to the best tools so that they stay forever loyal to your company.

Our Co-founders Ed Harnett, CEO at Habitus Health with 20+ years of physiotherapy experience and CTO Breffni Allen an experienced software developer with 20+ years of expertise in the highly regulated Life Science sector.

CEO: Ed Harnett
Ed Harnett

Ed Harnett

Co-founder & CEO

CTO: Breffni Allen
Breffni Allen

Breffni Allen

Co-founder & CTO

How We Help Companies

Our user-friendly desktop and mobile app solutions save health and safety, human resources, wellness and facilities departments time and money while meeting workplace compliance and regulations. What makes us unique is our clinician led team, delivering evidence based solutions, ensuring to assist you every step along the way on your journey towards health, safety and wellbeing excellence.

Habitus Health solves Habitus Health solves

Discover Our Journey

Dive into the Story of Habitus Health with Co-Founders Ed Harnett and Breffni Allen. Join us on a path that began in 2016 and learn firsthand about our mission to revolutionize health and safety technology.


Our People & Values

At Habitus Health, our global presence fuels our passion. With dedicated teams spanning from Ireland and the UK to Brazil, Greece, Portugal, Italy, and India, we harness diverse perspectives to drive innovation and ensure excellence in every endeavor.
Our core company values can be summed up by the acronym Health - we like to say we're a 'HEALTH'-driven company.

  • Honest: We believe in clear communication and building trust.
  • Ergonomic experts: We know what works and what doesn't. Your employees are in good hands.
  • Adaptable: We tailor our solutions to your unique needs. No one-size-fits-all here. We bend over backwards (without straining our spines!) to fit your needs.
  • Learning: We stay ahead of the curve with cutting-edge tech and constant learning.
  • Transparent: We keep it real.
  • Helpful: We're here to support you every step of the way. Your success is our success.
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Join the future of workplace health & safety with Habitus Health.

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