What is Habitus Health?

Habitus health is an AI enabled Virtual Ergonomic Assessment (VEA) to help all sedentary employees to lead healthier lives at work. With the increase in remote and hybrid working as well as an increase in opportunities for hot desking, employees now find themselves working at a number of different desk over a short period of time. Each of these desks are unlikely to be ergonomically correct, which over the long term can result in serious health problems.

Habitus Health helps to combat the current inefficient system by empowering employees to do VEA as frequently as they wish. Furthermore through the prevision of a anonymized corporate level dashboard, firms have their legislative compliance automated for complete audit readiness.

What information will my employer get about my health?

All information provided to your employer is completely anonymized at a company wide level and is GDPR compliant. For more information please see our privacy policy.

Is this right for my organisation?

Habitus Health is a clinician led, intelligent system which enables seated employees to undertake a full ergonomic assessment in minutes. The targeted automated system will notify, identify and help to solve issues before they can become a problem. Therefore, seamlessly integrate your compliance requirements and allowing you to be in a constant state of audit readiness.

Can I meet my legal Health and Safety requirements by using this system?

Habitus Health will help you to meet your ergonomic requirements for a safe and healthy workplace. It also helps achieve the ISO 45001, which is the first internationally recognised worldwide standard on Occupational Health and Safety, enabling organisations to provide a safe and healthy workplace.

How many employees do I need to have to avail of this system?

The system can be deployed from a single user upwards. However, the more users on the system, the richer and more useful the Corporate Dashboard reports will be for identifying issues and driving behavioural change.

How long would it take to get this up and running in my organisation?

The setup is a simple downloadable app for each individual user. The Corporate Dashboard can then be configured to each organisations specific need with our guidance and advice on Data Analytics

What kind of recommendations does the ergonomic assessment make?

The ergonomic assessment gives recommendations around where to place your desktop, mouse and keyboard for optimal use. As well as recommending exercises for users to help prevent long term problems.   

What customer support is available once we are using the system?

We have both email and phone support available for our customers.

What organisational benefits can I expect to see?

Employee back pain has been associated with anxiety and depression, poor engagement levels, sleep disorders and reduced productivity. Adopting Habitus Health will help prevent the risk of back and neck injury as well as helping to demonstrate your commitment to the health of your employees. All while ensuring you to meet your health and safety obligations for office-based and remote workers.

My company doesn't offer Habitus Health as a benefit, can I apply as an individual?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. For the full benefits of Habitus Health a company wide initiative is the most effective way of improving health and safety in the work place. If you think that your organisation would benefit from implementing Habitus Health, it would be suggested sending on our website to the relevant manager/ department in your work place.

How does Habitus Health work for individuals who experience chronic pain?

Chronic pain is pain that lasts for 12 weeks or more. Habitus health can help tackle musculoskeletal chronic pain by providing appropriate exercises and advice. It is always advised to consult with your doctor or physiotherapist before using our exercises if you have a diagnosis of chronic pain.

Can Habitus Health support employees who do not have back or neck pain?

Education is key to preventing workplace injury. Habitus Health provides employees with the skills need to set up an ergonomic work environment, therefore limiting the likelihood of poor posture causing back or neck pain.

Choose Habitus Health to:

Create an energised, engaged workforce
Empower your employees to improve their health
Collect valuable data to make informed decisions
Meet your health and safety obligations