Why use Habitus Health?

We use smart behavioural technology to achieve evidence based health improvements across your organisation.

Our goal is to improve the health of employees who spend long hours seated at their desks. Using accurate data, evidence based exercises, and cutting edge technology, Habitus Health can help seated employees everywhere to minimise the risk of spinal and musculoskeletal injury.

An Innovative Solution to a Prevalent Problem

A global burden

Prolonged sitting is the 4th biggest risk factor of global mortality. It can contribute to the development of cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and musculoskeletal injury.

Associated health issues

Sitting poorly for long periods can also cause physical discomfort, lack of energy and issues maintaining focus & concentration.

Lack of awareness

Many employers are unaware of their legal requirement to conduct regular ergonomic assessments and provide a safe workplace for desk based staff.

An effective solution

Habitus Health can help seated employees everywhere to optimise their health at work. This will not only help improve their day-to-day wellbeing but will also reduce their risk of future injury or illness associated with prolonged sitting.

Creating a safe workspace

Adopting Habitus Health across your organisation will help to demonstrate your commitment to the health of your employees & help you to meet your health and safety obligations for office-based and remote workers.

Choose Habitus Health to:

Create an energised, engaged workforce
Empower your employees to improve their health
Meet your health and safety obligations
Maintain a constant state of audit readiness